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A Big Change!

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Very Recent Changes:

Dan and Linda Janda (The Swami of VSAM and his wife of 40+ years) have accepted a calling from their Church to serve as missionaries in the Church and Family History Mission in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their service begins in June 2006, and they expect to serve until November 2007. Travel will take a few additional weeks on each end.

Because of this service, Dan will not be available for on-site consultations during this time, and his classes and participation in the WAVV group meetings will be interrupted as well. E-mail responses may be delayed and his ability to research answers for your questions may be limited or unavailable.

What will we be doing?

You could consider this a long sabbatical from the 34 years of working with VSAM. We like to consider it a higher calling of sorts.

Here are a couple articles describing the work being done by the service missionaries in the Church and Family History Mission of the Church

You can e-mail The Swami at "", or by snail-mail at

Dan Janda
158 North Main Street #216
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

The Swami of VSE/VSAM is Dan Janda, who has been working with VSAM in IBM laboratories and the real world for over 30 years. He has been a frequent speaker on VSAM, VSE, CICS, and performance topics at WAVV, GUIDE, CMG and other meetings around the world. You are visiting his web site at

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