The Swami and His Background

About the Swami and his background

The Swami began his extensive career in information systems in the early 1960s, first in the military, and then as a technical specialist working on navigation and computers in the missile and space program. He visited many interesting places during this time, from Hong Kong and Japan, Kwajalein and Johnston Islands, and Hawaii in the Pacific, to the Bahamas, Grand Turk, Antigua, and Trinidad in the Caribbean, Surinam and Brazil, Ascension Is, and Liberia in Africa.

In the late 1960s, he was employed as a programmer/analyst by the University of San Francisco while he was a student there, and also was a teaching assistant for FORTRAN courses at the University. His IBM career began with IBM 1620 and 1130 systems during the Summer of 1968, and became a regular employee of IBM in the Spring of 1969.

During his IBM career, the Swami developed Assembler, COBOL, RPG and PL/I application systems for IBM's customers. These spanned the range from public agency accounting systems, college grade reporting and transcript production, billing systems for municipal and investor owned utilities, corporate communication software systems for a transcontinental motor freight company, and more.

He and his family moved to the Fort Worth, Texas area in 1980, where he became responsible for VSE/VSAM and DL/I-DOS/VS technical support within the United States, and during the latter part of the 1980s he provided technical and performance assistance to teams of IBMers and customers at the IBM Benchmark Center in Dallas. Through the 1990s, they relocated to Northeastern Pennsylvania, while working in Endicott, New York. There he continued to provide support to VSE/ESA customers, IBM marketing personnel who worked with these customers, and IBM developers throughout the world.

He retired in early 2001 from active employment with IBM, but continues to be of assistance to his many friends and customers in the areas of his expertise.

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